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Thermal Stick Roll (Pre-cuts & rolls)

Thermal Stick Roll (Pre-cuts & rolls)

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Pressure-Sensitive Fusible

Turn your embroideries into appliqués or patches with this unique, pressure-sensitive, fusible stabilizer. Once heat is applied, Thermal Stick creates a permanent bond with almost any fabric.

Thermal Stick’s specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive keeps the stabilizer firmly in place while embroidering, but at the same time makes it easy to reposition multiple pieces as necessary. It also won’t gum up your needles causing thread breaks, needle breaks, or damage to garments. It is machine washable and dry-cleanable.

Click here for directions on how To turn a design into a patch or appliqué and How To Make Appliqué Using Thermal Stick

We recommend using the “Cool Sew” Organ Needle while embroidering with adhesives.

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