Stabilizing is the foundation for good embroidery...
Lay a proper foundation!

All Stabilizers/Backing and Water Solubles can be custom cut to any size for a minimal surcharge. Please contact us for more information.


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1.8oz Supersoft TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
2.5oz TearAway (Cap / Hat) (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.5oz Press n' Tear (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.5oz Press n' Tear (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.5oz Press n' Tear (Pre-cuts & rolls) Sale priceFrom $30.25 USD
1.0oz TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.0oz TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.0oz TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls) Sale priceFrom $5.20 USD
1.5oz Standard TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.5oz Standard TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.8oz Standard TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.8oz Standard TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.5oz  Supersoft Tearaway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.8oz Premium TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.8oz Premium TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
1.5oz Premium TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)1.5oz Premium TearAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)
Starter Kit
Starter Kit Sale price$34.95 USD