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2.0oz Standard CutAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)

2.0oz Standard CutAway (Pre-cuts & rolls)

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Offers softness, stability and easy cutting!

If you’re looking for a moderate-grade embroidery backing that offers softness, stability and easy cutting at a price that’s competitive with imported offerings, #3075 2-ounce cutaway stabilizer from American Embroidery Supply fills the bill.

Made of synthetic and cellulose fibers treated with a chemical binder, this product has a higher pulp concentration that makes it less expensive. The wet-laid process used to produce it ensures multidirectional stable embroidery support without stretching, and added silicone needle lubricant ensures smooth sewing.

Designed for machine embroidery, this 2-ounce cutaway is ideal for use on lightweight knits such as T-shirts and golf shirts with low stitch counts. It also can be used as part of a stabilizer “sandwich” to provide added support. Remnants remove cleanly when torn away and the stabilizer trims cleanly and easily with scissors.

In addition, the product can be washed or dry-cleaned.

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