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fuse & tear directions

Fuse & Tear Directions

Fuse & Tear® Directions:

  1. Fuse one layer of Fuse and Tear® to the back of the fabric to be embroidered before hooping. Be sure to use a piece slightly larger than the hoop to insure proper hooping tension *Important - Use a low to medium temp 260 degrees F - silk setting on your iron. A press cloth underneath your iron is recommended.
  2. Hoop the garment and stabilizer. Try to achieve or approach a “tambourine skin” type tension in your hoop.
  3. Embroider your design. If the design is dense or more than the suggested number of stitches float another layer of tearaway under the hoop and the first tearaway layer for extra support.
  4. Once the design is complete tearaway the excess stabilizer.