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OMG!!!! This stuff (Eco Stick) is the best thing since sliced bread!!  I have been struggling with hooping fleece baby blankets for years.  I used it this morning for the first time and hooping was easy using the sticky paper and my design is as soft as the blanket.  Thank you.  I read other people's comments on the PR600 Yahoo group and went from there.  Your are a genius.  

Michele Owens

" all the embroidery you see is done totally with your stabilizers.  I'm really liking your product very much, I've had NO gumming of the needles and I've noticed my needles are lasting longer.  So keep up the good work."

Richard Meier

Meier's Custom Embroidery

HELLO, Mr. Leonard!

I just wanted you to know I've been using the black and the white tearaway stabilizer from AES for the last couple of is extremely durable and holds up to a high stitch count beautifully. To put it simply, "It stays put until you don't want it to!" When you do tear the tearaway away, there are no fuzzies to worry about!

I will be contacting you again soon for a refill of both...I just wanted you to know how well it performs!

Needles in Pins, Brenham, Tx


Thank you so much for helping me with my order for the EcoStick 920 which was developed by Fred Lebow. I was fortunate to be able to test stitch for him with using this stabilizer. It is far more satisfactory than any other "sticky" I have used. With most sticky stabilizers, after a few stitches, you begin to hear the thumping noise from your machine where the needle is "gummy" and is beginning to drag the stabilizer up when it stitches. Not with this one! I have been anxiously waiting the time when I would be able to purchase it. It is wonderful!! No gummy needles and it holds my towels (and anything else I have used it on) exactly where I want it while I am doing my embroidery. I would highly recommend it to anyone because I know they will be as pleased as I was when they used it.

Thanks for your prompt attention to my order.


Murphy's Design

Hi there,

I wanted to tell you folks that your 9152025 stabilizer tearaway is, I believe, the best on the market. I have been making felt Christmas tree decorations and other in the hoop items and the cleanness of the tear and the ease of the release is of superior quality. I hope to use the other 2 items I ordered, on Lyn's designs say-so, after the holidays and know I will be equally satisfied.

I know the shipping is excessive but I am so glad I ordered your products.

Merry Christmas and thank you,

Cheri D. Looney

Hi Andy~

Thank you so much!

I am very pleased with everything, in fact Im going to have to place another order fairly soon and

wouldn't think of looking anywhere else. You're products are great and the shipping time was

awesome. Thank you for your message, have a super weekend yourself.

Warm regards,


I wanted both of you to know that I have been using the Press 'n Tear for hoopless embroidery. In this case, I was embroidering 2 potholders (yes, potholders) in 1 hoop, 2 designs. In other words, I used my mega hoop, the 8.25" x 11.25" hoop with 2 potholders. Typically in the past I experienced a problem with no "support" in the middle of the sticky stabilizer where the topping was pulled back.

Well, with Press 'n Tear there is no support problem! Both potholders stayed intact during the entire stitching time! I just finished stitching out approx. 18 of them, along with matching kitchen towels for sets.

And as for the Fuse 'n Tear, the same thing goes!! It's wonderful! No "power buildup" on the needles, even after all of the jobs I've been doing this week!!

I am extremely pleased with your products, and I thought you two would like to know that your efforts have NOT been in vain!! I'm a very happy customer!!

Betsy Faske

Needles and Pins

Brenham, TX

I was having a horrible time with an applique order. I got your Thermal Stick and I finished the whole order without another cuss word. Thank you so much for the help with chosing this wonderful stablizer.


Dynamic Designs

Dumfries, Va.

Andy, so good to hear from you, I am referring everyone I can to your site. I love your products, the Press & Tear is FANTASTIC. I will be ordering more in the near future.

I just have to tell you this, I was in an embroidery store, and there was a woman that was going to buy a roll of Floraini peel in stick 23" x 10 YARDS, for 54.00 Can you imagine. I could not believe it since I was able to get 50 yards of the 12 inch from you for only 40.00. I almost fell over when I saw the price of the 10 yards, and the 23 inch she would have had to cut several times, because most of these women only have home machines. Few of them own PR600s but at the most their sewing area is less than 10 by 10. So, if you can give them 12" they would just love it.

Andy, you are the best. I just LOVE your products. I did pillowcases, they were soooooooooo nice, because I used the Press & Tear from your company. Before I used some other and they didn't turn out near as well. Keep up the great work. Have a good weekend and I look forward to ordering more stabilizer.

Toni Brenner

Warrenton, Va.

I am doing well and loving the stabilizers that I got from you. I have passed your information on to a few other embroiderers. To me great customer service is as important as really good prices-you have both.

Colleen Mills

C&S Embroidery and Gifts


I just wanted to let you know that I placed a small order for a few different things. I'm always looking for ways to save. I'm particularly interested in the Cloud Cover and ordered the cut sheets in white and black. Since most of my designs are for babies and children, I'm often asked about what to use on the inside of garments. This will put me in a position to make a recommendation based on actually usage (and I'm sure my grandson who is 6 months old won't mind if I use it on his shirts!). I also order some of the press and tear for my daughter who makes custom skatewear for children and has been looking for something like that so that she can stabilize the spandex used in a skate dress.