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press & wash directions

Press & Wash Directions

Press & Wash Directions:

  1. Cut Press and Wash slightly larger than the hoop with about 1 inch extra all around.
  2. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer as tightly as possible. You want to achieve a tambourine-skin type tension in the hoop.
  3. Hoop it with the release paper side facing up.
  4. Score the release paper with a needle and remove it exposing the sticky, pressure-sensitive side.
  5. Gently press the area of the garment to be embroidered and then apply the sticky side of the stabilizer to the fabric. Smooth out all wrinkles. (What you originally had didn't make sense to me so make sure I interpreted this sentence correctly.)
  6. Embroider your design.
  7. Trim away the excess stabilizer.
  8. Rinse away excess stabilizer using room temperature water. Tap water is fine.
  9. How much you rinse depends on the desired effect you want. The more you rinse, the softer the embroidery becomes.

Please note: With adhesive stabilizers, it is recommended that embroiderers slow down 

their machines and use titanium needles and/or silicone spray on the needles.