Cloud Cover Directions


This unique material is not a stabilizer but is designed to prevent the fraying or shredding of silks and satins caused by heavy needle penetration. It is fused to the back side of the fabric at 300 F using a pressing cloth. Due to its multi- directional stretch and sheer, soft hand; it will not affect the drapability of your garment or fabric. It also is used to cover the back of scratchy stitches on infant items, placket shirts, ladies' tops, etc.




  1. Cut a piece at least 1 inch larger than your embroidery area.
  2. Place the fusible side (you can feel the adhesive with your finger tips) ) to the reverse side of the fabric press at 300 degrees F using a pressing cloth to protect the sheer fabric.
  3. Use a stabilizer in conjunction with the Cloud Cover Stitch and embroider the garment. You may be able to get by with a tearaway.
  4. . After the embroidery is complete, apply Cloud Cover Stitch on the reverse side to cover up the scratchy stitches. It will be soft next to the skin.