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Press & Wash (Pre-cuts & rolls)

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Fibrous Water Soluble 

Free Standing Lace, Appliqué, Fleece blankets, Fabric Scarves

This unique product is a fibrous water-soluble stabilizer with a gentle sticky surface that is perfect for those hard to hoop items. It will work better than film stabilizers as fibers hold stitches far better and tighter than films, and the fabric like texture holds much better in the hoop. The threads become easily entangled with the fibers leading to tighter registration.

  • It will support most freestanding lace designs with just one layer.
  • It rinses away easily and cleanly with no messy residue.
  •  It is perfect for delicate fabrics.
  • Press and Wash is also made in a regular version called Washaway. Press and Wash or Washaway Extra is the sticky version. The sticky version is used on hard hoop items where you would use a clamp type frame or a “hoopless” application.
  • To dissolve, submerge item in warm water and apply a slight agitation. If your item is washable and you want that soft feel, run it through the delicate cycle in the washer.
  • The more you wash out Washaway extra – the softer it is.
  • For stiffness leave some of the residue in place - wash away less vigorously.

With adhesive stabilizers we always suggest that embroiderers slow down their machines to 500-600 stitches per minute and use titanium needles and or silicone spray on the needles.

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